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Got To Fly Farm is full service Hunter/Jumper trianing for riders and horses of all levels. Specializing in green/unbroke/ problem horses and green riders. This program focuses on mental and physical conditioning of both horse and rider as a team. This team is then compared only to itself to measure progression. Horse shows are encouraged but not required. We try to compete at a minimum of 10 shows per year.

Horse management is the priority first and foremost. Good horsemanship is taught and emphasized continually. We are taught to have fun with our horse, not at our horse's expense. Riding is a privelage not a right and every second we spend with our equine partners we are either training or un-training them. 

All levels of horse and rider spend the majority of their training refining basic flatwork exercises. Correct Dressage techniques are worked into everyday riding/lessons. We focus on fine tuning aids for proper, light transitions and consistency and endurance. Gymnastic work is ongoing but accompanied with varying exercises to keep from boredom. 

The park like facility enables all horses to enjoy quality, productive training and continuous rotation out of their stalls into the large pastures. Access to trails a plus. A large jumping arena with a bank and large round pen all with excellent footing are unmatched.

Horses and riders are pushed to be better at what they are, not pushed to be something they aren't. All horses regardless of natural ability deserve equal care and training. A happy horse produces a happy rider. Time is the key factor and shortcuts are unacceptable.