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Got To Fly Farm is named after my most loved teacher. Got To Fly. Now, my retired TB geld. Barn name Flyman. I owe the majority of my knowledge to his never ending patience and work ethic. No, he was not my first horse, but definately the one that brought it all together. I trained him off the track in Dressage, 3-Day, and Hunter/Jumper. He was, to say the least, versatile. All trainers we've encountered have admired his work ethic and easy trainability. His absolute favorite was Cross-country but was no slouch in any discipline. He has made repeated sacrafices that I may learn the responsibility of care and the respect of a teammate and the love of a friend. His love is unconditional and my promise to him is to make sure he always has a comfortable home with space to move and other horses to torment. It is what he does best. I give thanks to him.
Got To Fly has passed on Sept 8th, 2016 at the age of 29.

Ode To Fly by Phylis Laderman
Your name means to soar and plenty we've done, over fields and jumps you've carried me as one. Your bright silver coat was a pleasure to touch, and from your kind spirit I learned so much. Your passage hurts my soul but I know that it's right, to go in the bright of day and not the dark of night. Your presence goes on in the name of my farm, and how I vow to keep other horses from harm.
People say there's a special horse that comes once by and by, and if they would ask me, I'd say that it's Got To Fly
Owner/Trainer     Karen Busch
Much of my training has come from numerous clinics. I trained myself as a junior and rode part time as a young adult showing at the local and National level. First, I believe that each horse I come in contact with is my teacher. No matter what their capabilities, it has always been my addiction as well as pleasure to take the time to find out how to get the best out of each and every one of them. Second are my students. I learn everyday through teaching. Watching student horse interaction has been some of the most insightfull learning.  
I dedicate my business to my Daughter Emmerson. Although small in stature she is now my inspiration. I hope she continues to strive and work to have the best future in horses and enjoy, appreciate and admire these forever giving animals.
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